• Relationship Affected by Snoring?

    Is your partner’s loud snoring keeping you both up at night?  Have other products or snoring remedies failed you in the past?  Are you uncertain why nothing is working and still wondering what you can do to fix this problem?  Most people think of snoring as nothing more than a nuisance to roommates or bed partners. Loud and persistent snoring, however, can signal a serious health problem.

    Relationship Affected by Snoring?
  • Dental Professionals

    Are you a dental professional who can think of a few patients that could truly benefit from this excellent device?  Educate yourself now on how this brilliant device works and how you can use this product in your own dental practice.  Learning more about the simple design of the Lamberg Sleep Well Appliance will give you the expertise to put a well-rested smile back onto to your patients’ faces!

    Dental Professionals


Proven to be over 95% effective in the alleviation of snoring and sleep apnea, the Lamberg Sleep Well Appliance is among many appliances available today, but is the smallest and most comfortable sleep appliance in the world.

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Patients And Family

Interested in learning more about your opportunities to move towards a snore free night? Get started with some basic information about snoring and sleep apnea.

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Dental Professionals

Do you think your patients could benefit from using the Lamberg Sleep Well Appliance? Learn how you can get this successful product into your own dental office now.

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Appliance Gallery

Want to see how the Lamberg Sleep Well Appliance alleviates snoring in a comfortable, non-invasive fashion? View our Lamberg Sleep Well Appliance gallery and see for yourself!

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Gary Null Network

Dr. Lamberg Speaks

Listen to Dr. Lamberg speak about health risks and how to have a good night’s sleep on the Gary Null Network and the webinar “Comorbidities of OSA Inform a New Screening Tool“!

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"My wife thanks you for the end of my snoring. It's very comfortable and I have been using it every night for about a year."Ed McEnaney, Hicksville, New York

"It clearly works nicely for mild and moderate sleep apnea, and snoring. I think the apparatus is much easier to use than the other ones I've looked at, and Dr. Steve has a good piece of equipment. I've received very good feedback, and since sent many patients to him."Dr. Alan Lampert (primary care physician), Northport, New York

"The impact the appliance has ahd on my life is major. Everyone is happy I'm not waking them up from my loud snoring. I feel refreshed in the morning also. Thanks!"Paul P.

"I've been using the device for a year and this device is life changing! It's very easy to adjust to and I sleep through the night now and wake up refreshed. My children say the quiet is deafening!!"Connie Crespin, Northport, New York

"The impact the appliance has had on my life is that I feel more energy.  I am no longer fighting to stay awake during the day and I'm able to accomplish so much more.  The SleepWell device is so easy to put in and take out and there was never even an adjustment period.  I found it to be comfortable from the first night.  I definitely prefer the oral appliance over the CPAP that I started with."Lisa Edwards, Northport, New York