Lamberg Sleep Well Appliance Advantages

These are the ten top advantages to use the Lamberg Sleep Well Appliance:


  1. Uncomplicated and small two piece design is easy to use and easy to clean

  2. Custom made in our laboratory to ensure excellent fit and maximum comfort

  3. Small and unobtrusive design that looks non threatening

  4. No awkward hardware that irritates your tongue or cheeks and harbors germs

  5. Is worn comfortably while sleeping on your side or stomach

  6. Allows speaking, drinking, and closing of the lips

  7. Does not restrict jaw movement side to side, opening or protruding.  The only appliance with vertical freedom of movement while maintaining constant effectiveness.  This is made possible by patented Smartrusion.

  8. Safe and shown effective in over 1,000 cases

  9. FDA approved for snoring AND sleep apnea (K101709)

  10. Prevents back teeth from touching which greatly reduces harmful muscle activity associated with bruxism or night grinding.  The SleepWell is the only appliance developed from, and functioning as, a deprogrammer.