LSWA User Guide

The general care of your appliance is the same as an orthodontic retainer that children wear after finishing orthodontic treatment.

  • Cleaning Appliance – Keep your appliance clean by brushing it with soap and water or if you prefer, with your toothbrush and toothpaste. Occasionally, once a week, soak it in denture cleaner ( ie Efferdent) using warm water only, not hot water.
  • Wearing Appliance – Don’t pop the appliance in and out with your tongue. If a surface feels rough, bring it into the office for polishing. If a tooth feels sore, bring it in to the office for an adjustment. If you experience muscle soreness or joint sensations, bring it into the office for an adjustment.
  • Removing Appliance – Remove the appliance by pulling down on the metal loops by your molars slowly.
  • Storing Appliance – Place the appliance in a dry plastic case when it is removed from your mouth. Never wrap the appliance in a paper napkin or tissue, as someone may throw it away. Don’t put it in your pocket or you may break or lose it. Avoid keeping it near excessive heat, as this may warp and ruin the retainer. Don’t leave your appliance in the hot car, it may warp. Keep your appliance in an area that in not accessible to family pets.
  • Warning – Since more spouses may sleep together, it is possible that the risk of pregnancy may increase. (JOKE)
  • Warning – Do not run with the appliance in place.