This is what others have to say about the Lamberg Sleep Well Appliance:


“The impact the appliance has had on my life is that I feel more energy.  I am no longer fighting to stay awake during the day and I’m able to accomplish so much more.  The SleepWell device is so easy to put in and take out and there was never even an adjustment period.  I found it to be comfortable from the first night.  I definitely prefer the oral appliance over the CPAP that I started with.”
–  Lisa Edwards,  Northport

“My husband thanks you and my daughter really thanks you! On a recent trip, my daughter and I had to spend five nights together in the same bed and she was able to sleep through the night undisturbed. I want to thank you for giving me back my freedom. I no longer have to hook myself up to a CPAP machine! No more hoses! No more machines! I wake up refreshed and renewed. Thanks.”
– Lorraine Hartnett, Greenlawn, New York

“I’ve been using the device for a year and this device is life changing! It’s very easy to adjust to and I sleep through the night now and wake up refreshed. My children say the quiet is deafening!!”
– Connie Crespin, Northport, New York

“The device is very comfortable to wear and I don’t even know I have it in my mouth. I have been wearing it for over a year and my wife has been sleeping without interruption from my snoring. It’s simple to put in and simple to take out and frankly I can’t sleep without it. I even have less post nasal drip.”
– Joe Maione (AKA Santa Claus), Northport New York and North Pole

“My wife thanks you for the end of my snoring. It’s very comfortable and I have been using it every night for about a year.”
– Ed McEnaney, Hicksville, New York

“I would never have attributed my fatigue to sleep apnea. When I was made aware of it I was fearful that I would have to have one of those unsightly contraptions next to my bedside. When I found out that you were developing a device that just fit into my mouth I was very excited. It is so easy to use and I became used to it in only days. I can’t express how fortunate I am to have this device. It has changed my life. I no longer feel tired when I wake up. In fact I know it works because I forgot to put it on one night and the next day there was a significant difference in how I felt. I was lethargic and I needed a nap that day. Since wearing the small mouth device I experience uninterrupted sleep, more energy and my husband gets a better night’s rest. I have shared this information with many people and I know that many others will benefit from this. I am also no longer embarrassed about my loud snoring because I can sleep anywhere quietly. Thank you for making my life so full of energy.”
– Stace Hansen, Northport, New York

“I am overwhelmingly pleased with the success of the Lamberg device. After years of tossing and turning, the torment of my husband’s snoring is finally gone!! He has tried many alternative modalities, none of which have worked. From the first night on, this simple device has virtually eliminated the disruptive noise (whether he’s on his back or side). This might even keep my marriage together!! Thank you for restoring my sleep!”
– Lori Street-Ames, Northport, New York

“It clearly works nicely for mild and moderate sleep apnea, and snoring. I think the apparatus is much easier to use than the other ones I’ve looked at, and Dr. Steve has a good piece of equipment. I’ve received very good feedback, and since sent many patients to him.”
– Dr. Alan Lampert (primary care physician), Northport, New York

“We can’t tell you how much we have appreciated all your help. You have been so thorough and professional through the entire process of helping Matt with the dental appliance he needed to help him get his first good night’s sleep (and mine) in eleven years! It’s so wonderful to know his health will be so improved. You have truly changed both of our lives. God Bless You!”
– Matt and Debbie Wolff, Northport and Las Vegas

“I started wearing the appliance in June 2007. Prior to wearing the appliance I always felt tired and sleepy. No matter how long I slept, it was never enough. I was a huge coffee drinker. Now I am so much more alert when I wake up in the morning. I shake off morning sleepiness in a few minutes instead of it lasting all day. I don’t drink more than one cup of coffee a day and I don’t take naps anymore. My wife says that she sleeps so much better since the snoring has stopped. Thank You!”
-Stephen Kannengieser , Huntington New York

“I have been wearing the Lamberg Sleep Well Appliance for two months. Prior to wearing it, I felt frustrated because my husband said my snoring kept him awake. I tried many different products on the market to stop snoring but he was still unable to get a good night’s sleep. The impact the appliance has had on my life is tremendous. My husband is now very happy that he can sleep through the night. Additionally I seem to sleep for longer periods during the night without waking up and feel more refreshed in the morning. Finally, I always suffered from tinnitus (ringing noise) in my right ear, and that problem has been alleviated. My husband and I both thank you very much.”
– Nancy J, Northport New York

“Prior to wearing the Lamberg Appliance I felt frustrated and worried about what to do about the fact that I was snoring loudly enough to keep my husband awake. I was also struggling with serious fatigue during my work day and felt like I was losing my usual “get up and go”. My husband loves it! He says that I am no longer snoring. I no longer have the fatigue I felt prior to wearing the appliance. I find the appliance easy to use. I’m not even aware of it at all during the night. I’ve gotten rather fond of it in fact!”
– Barbara Suter, Huntington New York

“I started wearing the LambergSleepWell appliance last month. Prior to wearing the appliance I felt hopeless. I wasn’t getting any sleep at all even though I was trying to sleep the whole night. I would wake up every day feeling worse and more exhausted than the day before and my girl friend couldn’t sleep at all due to my loud snoring problem. When I found out I had severe sleep apnea, and how dangerous it can be, and realized after a trial with the CPAP machine that it wasn’t a solution for me, I was very scared. The impact the appliance has had on my life is that I can see my future in a positive light. My girl friend says I haven’t stopped breathing once, and my snoring has stopped completely. During the day is where I see the most improvement. I can work and function without worry of tiredness and my mind is free to have a happy and a long life. I wouldn’t trade it for a million dollars. I feel well rested which is a new and great feeling. My friends even tell me I look younger (I’m 28). Thank you!”
-Ron D.

“The impact the appliance has ahd on my life is major. Everyone is happy I’m not waking them up from my loud snoring. I feel refreshed in the morning also. Thanks!”
-Paul P.

“Prior to wearing the appliance I felt tired in the morning all the time. Late afternoons I would be irritable. During the evening watching TV I’d often fall asleep. I snored every night and was disturbing my husband’s sleep. Because of his concern I made an appointment with Dr. Lamberg. From the first night I stopped snoring! I’m more alert during the day and do not fall asleep while watching TV. My energy level is elevated. Thanks!”

For years my husband has had hours of interrupted sleep. He would wake up every morning feeling tired and fatigued. After he was fitted for his sleep device both of our lives changed dramatically! I believe getting proper sleep plays a key factor in your mental and physical health. We are living proof that this is one of the best products/procedures that can be done. Live longer, Sleep Well! I’m telling everyone “try the Lamberg appliance, it will change your life”. Thank you Doc!
Amy Van Tassell, Northport New York

I started wearing the Lamberg Sleep Well Appliance 2/6/2011. Prior to wearing the appliance I would wake up still feeling tired and my eyes were watery. My wife told me that I snored excessively and at times gasped for air. It was at her insistence that I took the sleep apnea test. Since I’ve been wearing the appliance, I feel much more rested when I wake up. Also, my wife tells me that my snoring is nearly eliminated. Thanks so much.
Amy Van Tassell, Ronald Pontani

“I wore the prior version and it was extremely helpful for my snoring and my sleep but the new LSW-S version is even more comfortable and so easy to adjust by simply swapping the “protrusive element” for the next one in the numbered series. With this device I don’t wake up at night and I’m not tired during the day. Simple and effective meets comfortable! Thank you so much”.
Douglas Buffone, 8/2011

“The Lamberg Appliance has allowed me to have a fuller night’s sleep.  I don’t dose off when reading or watching TV anymore.  The oral device is much better than the CPAP machine which I used regularly….I just sleep better now and am more comfortable.  Additionally the device has greatly contributed to a reduction in my episodes of a fib.  In fact, I can’t remember the last time I had an a fib episode.”

Frank T, 11/2012